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Achiefy.io is a bridge between blockchain’s play-to-earn concept and the real gamers' world.
About us

We are gamers

For our entire lives, we’ve been playing video games and dreaming to make a living out of it. Nowadays it's possible with streaming platforms, donations, and e-sports events. But what if I’m just a casual player? Does the dream end there?
Dreams come true with Achiefy!

We’re offering an opportunity for any kind of gamer to get rewarded while playing the most popular games from the best publishers.

With our platform, any gamer can do it without any special skills

  • Accept challenges at achiefy.io for your favorite games
  • Invest your time and skill
  • Receive NFTs and other rewards as a bounty
Achiefy's Activities

Here’s some stuff you can do

Specific in-game tasks with one or multiple conditions that must be accomplished to unlock an achievement and other rewards.
Global in-game competitions with winners and losers, fixed dates and times, different reward tiers, spectators, and fans.
One-time competition events, mostly organized by the community itself, and primarily focused on “1v1” or “team VS team” in-game battles.
Specific in-game activities that may be organized and designed by the Achiefy team, game publishers, or the community, for fun, celebration, or promotion purposes.
Create your own collection of digital trophies and unique and game-inspired NFTs designed exclusively for the Achiefy community.
User Progression
User Progression
Gain XP by completing Achiefy's activities, level up your user profile and unlock useful perks and buffs to improve your earnings.

Sounds fun?

Let's talk about value

Our mission is to bring value to players' time & skill. So our idea is to create rewards that not only show how skilled a player is, but rewards that also grow in value over time.

Here comes our NFT crafting station.

By participating in Achiefy’s activities, players will get “reagents” or, in some cases, unique and limited NFTs.

What are those reagents needed for?

At our crafting station, you can find tons of different blueprints. Every blueprint will have a basic rarity, limited quantity, and level of difficulty to get.

You can craft NFTs with selected blueprints using reagents you get from activities.

...Or simply sell them on a market.

The harder the NFT blueprint to craft, the higher its basic value, which will only grow over time.


But what if I’m not a gamer?

We have a place for anyone!

Our ecosystem works not only for games, but for all crypto-enthusiasts, collectors, and investors.


Gamers form the core of our community. They invest their time and skill to create value and bring it to Achiefy's ecosystem.
Game Publishers

Game Publishers

Cooperation with game publishers is our global goal, which allows us to inspire Achiefy's activities and rewards with licensed characters and universes.


Designers, digital artists, video makers, bloggers, and game developers are welcome to join Achiefy's creators' community.

Crypto Enthusiasts

We believe Achiefy's ecosystem will wake the interest of all crypto enthusiasts such as NFT collectors, investors, blockchain fans. We will build a strong crypto community.

Investors & Partners

Game StationKaizen FinanceDust VenturesHyperIDKirill EvansCrypto CommonsMmonsteRIkigaiMasternode24

Our plans

Even though we are now in the early stages, our vision of the project extends over many years. Our experience in development & gaming services allows us to set milestones to which we will go step by step, creating and improving our project.

And even if we have to make adjustments to the roadmap for unforeseen reasons, rest assured that we will achieve the goal of creating the best platform, connecting the best, modern online games with the crypto world.


Core team and idea formation
Idea audit and consultation
Whitepaper and website release
Early mockups of achiefy platform


Token Generation Event (TGE)
Fundraising (Seed, Private, IDO)
Team expansion
First NFT collections
Global gamers community event
Platform development start


Achiefy Platform (pre-alpha)
Start working on:
  • In-Game Challenges
  • NFT Craft station
  • Duels and Tournaments
  • Reagents Market
  • Token staking rewards
First closed test


Achiefy Platform (alpha)
Start working on:
  • User Progression
  • Leaderboards
  • Perks system
  • NFT utility system
  • Creators workshop
Second closed test


Achiefy Platform (beta)
Start working on:
  • Trophy Room
  • Community Challenges
  • Community Tournaments
  • Community Blueprints
Fist public test
The Community

Let’s grow together!

The main wealth of our project is the community. Each of its members is important and contributes to the success of our idea. Each of you bring value to the system, awards, achievements, and help create a competitive environment.

Achiefy strives to build a close-knit community of gamers, game developers, NFT collectors, and blockchain enthusiasts, connected all over the world.

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The website was designed and developed by the hands and vision of the achiefy's founder's team with love and belief in our project. Every illustration, text, and animation was created from scratch without using outsourced studios. This is just the beginning and by this, we want to show our approach to work, which we will use when developing achiefy.io platform, with personal participation and attention to every detail. We will build a platform that our gamers community will love!